Spring hitter watch list: Fox, Reyes, Edmonds

Updated: February 12, 2010, 11:54 AM ET
By Eric Karabell

The San Francisco Bay Area teams were two of the four worst home run-hitting teams in 2009, so it was pretty clear the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants had some work to do in terms of upgrading their respective lineups this offseason. Mission accomplished, I'd say, but then again, these teams have added so many potential moving parts to their offenses, it's problematic how they all are going to fit together. Ah, that's what spring training is for, to see who can do what at which position and where they should hit in the lineup.

So these oft-overlooked California teams -- hey, way down south in L.A., the Angels and Dodgers were division winners in 2009 -- should garner much attention in Arizona when spring training mercifully begins next week. There's no real offseason in baseball, and while many a fantasy baseball owner might assume honing in on and studying the Athletics and Giants is good only for a fantasy pitching staff, that would be incorrect.