Greg Vaughn's son, now developing

Updated: February 22, 2010, 9:27 AM ET
By Keith Law
I woke up in Vegas on Saturday, flew to San Diego and hit three games inside of 10 hours without going 20 miles from the airport. In related news, I love Southern California.

• University of San Diego lefty Sammy Solis was the better of the two USD starters in Saturday's doubleheader, although he didn't have the same hype out of high school as teammate Kyle Blair. Solis missed almost all of the 2009 season with a herniated disc, but appears to be back to 100 percent, sitting 88-91 mph Saturday. He showed a late-fading mid-70s changeup and a slurve anywhere from 72 to 78 -- more like a two-plane curve at 72-74 but a little more slider-like at 77-78. He believes in his off-speed pitches, doubling or even tripling up on them, and works in and out with his fastball, but he has to be fairly precise with his command because hitters squared up his fastball if he got too much of the plate. He repeats his delivery well, although he pronates his arm a little late and can lapse into slinging from below his normal, slightly-below-3/4 slot.