Top 10 potential GKs

Updated: March 11, 2010, 4:52 PM ET
By Jordan Brenner and Peter Keating

It's never too early to get to know the teams you'll want to ride to victory in your office pool next week. So allow us to present the top 10 potential Giant Killers, based on our model's ratings. Some of these teams, like Cornell, already have qualified for the NCAA tourney. Others, like San Diego State, are navigating a crowded bubble field. And in the case of Marshall, it might take C-USA's auto bid to reach the tourney.

It's worth noting that these teams' chances of pulling off an upset will depend greatly on the relative vulnerability of their opponents, which is why we'll compute a percentage chance of an upset in every game once the bracket is released. But in the meantime, start studying up on these would-be assassins.