Tout Wars auction (mixed-team) reaction

Updated: March 30, 2010, 11:54 AM ET
By Eric Karabell
Sometimes it's good to try something new in a fantasy baseball draft or auction. Early on in Sunday's Tout Wars mixed-league auction, I decided the middle-class prices were ideal for building the team I wanted, and I wasn't going to spend more than $20 on any player. Not a one. Hey, let me tell you, it takes some discipline. That meant not blurting out $21 on anyone, even players whom I liked and who I felt were values. My goal was to attain a balanced team with no weak links, critical in a 15-team format in which the free-agent market will be weak. Mission accomplished.

I failed to procure any players in my personal top 50, but the 12 players in the next 60 will more than compensate. In fact, I think that's more valuable. In past auctions, when I would employ a stars-and-scrubs auction strategy I would worry about how to upgrade that second catcher spot, that weak-hitting fifth outfielder or final pitching spot, and in deep leagues it's an uphill battle. Here I'm not concerned. I stopped building auction teams in deep leagues -- there's no need to employ this strategy in a standard 10-team auction -- this way for about a year. Everybody hits. Everybody pitches. Maybe every other team fights for second place. We'll see!