The best position for Derek Jeter

Updated: April 2, 2010, 10:13 AM ET
By Buster Olney
Whenever Yankees general manager Brian Cashman conferences with his staff to prepare the team's offer to shortstop Derek Jeter, one of the questions that undoubtedly will be asked is this: What position is Jeter going to play in his next contract, and for how long?

First, they'll have to consider the parameters that frame the issue for the Yankees. Jeter is 35 and turns 36 in June. First base is not really an option because Mark Teixeira is signed for most of this decade; his contract expires after 2016. Third base is not an option because Alex Rodriguez is signed through 2017.

The same defensive statistics that reflected poorly on Jeter a few years ago indicated that he has improved his lateral movement the past couple of years -- which, by the way, is in line with what some scouts are seeing with their eyes.

So where will he play, and when?

I posed that question to a number of scouts, GMs and talent evaluators. Here are some of the responses: