Hultzen vs. McGuire tops weekend

Updated: April 9, 2010, 1:26 PM ET
By Jason A. Churchill
I asked a college coach at a Pac-10 game last week about the down time during the week that leads up to the weekend series, which are typically the bigger matchups and most important games of the season, and how players and coaches prepare for those off days.

His response was classic:

"We spend that entire time, when we aren't in the cages or working on things, reading ESPN and wondering how to get (our names) mentioned. What's a coach got to do, throw a base down the right-field line?"

I think that would work.

But then, on the serious side, he went on to say that any days off during the week are spent anticipating and preparing for the next game. "We don't look too far ahead -- we get ready for it; we plan out our pitching [rotation] and start thinking about who we're facing."

And if you are facing a tough team with a premium pitcher on the mound or an impact hitter or two? "We watch some film and talk about how to cover them. That's what we do on Thursday."

What a coincidence, because that's also what we do here on Thursday, especially on days like yesterday when not a single D-I draft prospect was in action and the prep schedule was relatively light.

So, looking ahead to the weekend --