Chiarelli changing speed of B's pipeline

Updated: April 22, 2010, 3:25 PM ET
By Alvin Chang

The Boston Bruins are the anti-Red Wings. While the Wings promote their prospect judiciously and carefully, the Bruins bring up nearly half of their draft picks to the NHL. While the Wings block up the pipelines with veterans, a quarter of the Bruins' picks end up playing 82 or more NHL games.

We previously said the Red Wings are like an Ivy League school -- highly selective, which maintains the overall quality of the group. Well, the Bruins are like a community college: Not very selective, not talented as a group, but with some gems in the bunch.

This is all important because the Bruins will get several new top prospects in their pipelines soon: They have four picks in the first two rounds, including the No. 2 overall selection.

We know that top pick will be either Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall, and he will start his career in the NHL. That's easy. But recent history shows that the rest of the guys have a pretty good shot of donning a Boston Bruins jersey.