Big 12 vs. SEC vs. Big Ten in NFL draft

Updated: April 26, 2010, 3:13 PM ET
By Bruce Feldman
Over the weekend, the SEC office sent out a press release highlighting its staggering success in the draft this year, and in recent years. Fittingly, as I was typing this blog at 9:21 a.m. on the West Coast, an e-mail popped up on my screen from the Big Ten office, also touting its success in this year's draft.

The SEC practically lapped the rest of the college football conferences in players drafted with 49, most in the conference's history. Next best was -- voila -- the Big Ten with 34, the most for the conference since 41 Big Ten players were chosen during the 2006 NFL draft.

"The Big Ten and SEC were the only conferences in which every school featured at least one selection during the seven rounds," proclaims the Big Ten.

The draft scoreboard was as follows:

The SEC had the most players taken among conferences in the draft. Behind the SEC and the Big Ten were the ACC with 31; the Big 12 with 30; the Pac-10 with 29; the Big East with 18 and the Mountain West with 13. (The Big 12 did have nine in the first round, and the top four picks.)

This is impressive stuff. It means something.

What exactly?