The secret to soccer success

I'm not sure what 'form' is, but I know it will be key to winning the Cup

Originally Published: May 18, 2010
By Luke Cyphers | ESPN The Magazine

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Those of you searching for a rare bastion of subjectivity in today's increasingly stat-packed sportscape, please turn to the World Cup. Soccer -- low-scoring, hard-to-quantify soccer -- is rife with pregnant truisms such as "the ball is round" (to which the only proper response is a pull on your calabash pipe, a nod neath your deerstalker cap and a somberly intoned, "Indeed") that suffice as analysis. Among the smart-sounding if ill-defined Eurospeak -- opaque terms like "quality," "technique" and "fitness" -- none is tossed about more often than "form." And none will matter more to the U.S. national team's summer fortunes.

A saying in the sport goes "Form is temporary; class is permanent." Right now, the Yanks stand in the middle of the 32-team pack headed to South Africa, capable in equal measures of upsetting and of being upset. So a single player "in form" could be the difference between a deep run at global glory and an early flameout of international ignominy.

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