Go west, young man -- and find talent

Updated: May 19, 2010, 12:28 PM ET
By Jason A. Churchill

Editor's Note: Detailed rundown of the MLB draft order is now available here.

There are a handful of prep position players that could go among the first 50 picks, including potential top 15 picks Manny Machado and Nick Castellanos, both infielders from Florida. The Sunshine State also offers infielder Yordy Cabrera, while the state of Georgia presents the likes of Niko Goodrum and Kaleb Cowart.

But the West may be on par with the South when it comes to high school hitters, thanks to Josh Sale, Marcus Littlewood, Tony Wolters and Kris Bryant. Let's take a look at the most recent notes on each of the four.

Bryant, SS/3B, Bonanza HS (Nev.)
At least a few clubs have had Bryant graded as high as a late first rounder this spring, but one American League scout we spoke with recently isn't as optimistic. "I think he's going to struggle (in pro ball)," he said. "He had a good junior summer against average pitching, but when he faces the good pitching he struggles. He doesn't adjust to the better velocities and has problems going from 92 (mph) one day to 75 the next."