Top 300 reaction: The players I like more

Updated: May 19, 2010, 6:42 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Of all the writers we employ at ESPN Fantasy, I'm probably the one who would be voted least likely to covet the young players. I'd call it being "cautious of the unknown" more than any kind of special hatred. I often write and speak about forgotten and/or underappreciated "old guys," those Lance Berkman, Johnny Damon and Jamie Moyer types who are available at well below actual value and still produce. It's not coincidental that players like that often end up on my teams.

That's why I was a bit surprised when I saw our mid-May staff Top 300, posted earlier today. When it came to some of the noteworthy young players, especially young hitters, I was the one carrying the flag of hope. I was the one showing quite a bit of trust in rookies of different skill sets, from Jason Heyward to Justin Smoak to Drew Stubbs. What can I say? I guess I really believe in the current crop of under-25 options.