Need steals? Pick up Crowe, Tabata ...

Updated: June 10, 2010, 2:52 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
I drafted Cleveland Indians outfielder Trevor Crowe in a keeper league two seasons ago with the mindset that someone with his speed and plate discipline would eventually earn opportunities with the big club and become a valued fantasy asset. Well, the former first-round pick (in 2005) did get the chance to play for the big club last season, but he looked awful. With a roster crunch, even in a really deep league, and a seemingly healthy Grady Sizemore returning -- yeah, that went well! -- I had to give up on Crowe.

Now Crowe is the Indians' everyday center fielder. Granted, it's probably more because of the team's lack of choices than ability, but he's also not embarrassing himself. He is making good on his chance, at least from a fantasy sense, having stolen bases in three of the past four games, and scoring three runs Wednesday. Of course, two of his three recent steals were against the Boston Red Sox, the signature team for allowing opposing runners to steal. But Crowe does have potential as someone who can get on base, make things happen and score runs.