Recent mock draft yields some bargains

Updated: June 15, 2010, 4:35 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

The ESPN Fantasy Football draft kit will be released soon, and with it you'll find the results of our first 2010 mock draft, which was held Monday afternoon. In advance of what should be an awesome kit, here are a few thoughts on players I chose in this mock. I really like this team, and I would definitely copy this strategy in future drafts.

Cedric Benson, RB, Cincinnati Bengals: I was able to draft three of our top 10-caliber running backs with my first three picks, each ahead of where I have them ranked overall. While I'm not the biggest Benson fan, and he just misses my top 10, this remains a player who is going to get many chances to run the ball this season. I considered him a steal with the 24th pick. Last season Benson was very productive, ending up as the No. 15 running back despite missing three full games. With Ray Rice and Ryan Grant already on this team, Benson at flex seemed a no-brainer.