Some Tournament of Stars notes

Updated: June 24, 2010, 1:51 PM ET
By Keith Law

USA Baseball holds a showcase event every June at its complex in Cary, North Carolina; it's called the Tournament of Stars and features many of the best high school players from across the country. The ostensible goal of the event is to assemble the 18-and-under (called "18U") team to represent the US in the IBAF 18U World Championships this July, but it's also a popular event with scouts because a good chunk of the first-round talents in the high school class for 2011 are here, along with a handful of 2010 draftees who are still age-eligible and a few premium players for 2012. Some of these kids were worn out from the long spring when they got here, and the 99-degree heat didn't help, but here are some quick bullets on major names who appeared today.