Weighty questions on Fielder's market

Updated: July 13, 2010, 11:09 AM ET
By Buster Olney

Scott Boras speaks glowingly about his clients, which is what he should do. It's his job. And if he didn't suggest that Prince Fielder is worth every bit as much or more than Mark Teixeira, as the agent did in an interview with Tom Haudricourt on Monday, he wouldn't be doing his job.

This is what Boras said:

"When you have a player that performs like Mark Teixeira, you have to look at Prince Fielder's performance in comparison. You want to know the value of a player? Take a look at it.

"Prince is a home run hitter. He's 70 home runs ahead of Teixeira at that point [of his career]. Prince has much more power. This is how you [gauge] performance and age and production. You have to ask in the marketplace how many players can do this?"

But there are executives and scouts whose job descriptions are to evaluate players for a possible acquisition, and many of them have a completely different view of Fielder. As in, 180-degree different.