2011 Draft Profiles: A.J. Green

Updated: July 20, 2010, 8:02 AM ET
By Chris Sprow

When first-time head coach Mike Tice set off on his maiden voyage with the Minnesota Vikings in 2002 -- a trip that, pardon the pun, ultimately involved more hull-patching than plundering -- one of his moves was the development of a concept he called "The Randy Ratio."

Like most football concepts based on appeasement, it failed.

The idea was this: to satisfy Randy Moss' need for the football (and because he was pretty good about catching anything thrown his way), the Vikings would try to toss him the ball on 40 percent of pass plays. But, as the New York Times noted a year later:

    "This approach backfired because the offense was not balanced enough. Defenses double-teamed Moss, pressured a patchwork offensive line and forced [Daunte] Culpepper into turnovers."

That, and studies show that publicly announcing your intents regarding play selection can have a tendency to aid your opponent in preparation.

A.J. Green, the 6-foot-4, 207-pound wide receiver entering his junior year for the Georgia Bulldogs, has been compared to Randy Moss for years, and he's just 21. Really. Consider that when Green was 16, Sports Illustrated compared him to Moss in a story in which Green said, "Everybody's always said I'm just like him."

Sort of.

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