Latest risers, fallers in preseason rankings

Updated: July 30, 2010, 3:56 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

Any good analyst should have the ability to alter his opinions when appropriate, whether it's dealing with the stock market, politics or fantasy sports. While there hasn't been a ton of news for the past few months concerning fantasy football, things have changed for me, even if no statistics have been accrued. You can check out my top 200 rankings as well as our awesome draft kit. Even in July -- and in August, too -- you'll see my rankings change from time to time. Here are some of the risers and fallers since my last update:

Quarterback risers

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys: No, he hasn't thrown a pass recently, and I have no idea who he's dating, but I simply think I was underrating him and the second tier of quarterbacks. Romo scored more fantasy points than Tom Brady last season, and I don't view the difference between them as being so large as I had it. Also, I think Dez Bryant will be a terrific weapon -- I hadn't been ranking the rookie well enough, either -- so watch out for this Cowboys' passing offense. Romo moves into my top 45, passing Matt Schaub.
Other QBs up: I tweaked Carson Palmer up a round, thanks to that T.O. guy, and realized I was being a bit tough on Arizona's Matt Leinart. I'm finally ranking him now.

Quarterback fallers

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens: I originally ranked him my No. 9 quarterback but then someone asked me if I really would select him over Jay Cutler, Eli Manning and Kevin Kolb, and I realized I needed to make a change. Yes, the addition of Anquan Boldin helps, but it doesn't make the Ravens a passing team. Flacco scored fewer points than Jason Campbell and Palmer last season. I do see the upside but think Cutler and Kolb, for example, have more upside. I dropped Flacco to 13th at quarterback. If he becomes Aaron Rodgers, then I guess I miss out.
Other QBs down: I moved Drew Brees and Rodgers out of my overall top 10. What was I originally thinking? If push came to shove, no, I couldn't take a quarterback over Andre Johnson or Michael Turner. I also dropped Alex Smith and Matthew Stafford some when I did more research on their situations. I'd prefer Campbell if all I need in a late round is a safe backup.