Peter Bourjos shakes up Angels' outfield

Updated: August 5, 2010, 1:13 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim right fielder Torii Hunter -- man, that looks strange -- has been a productive fantasy option for a decade, so if he says a move out of center field will help keep his legs strong and aid him at the plate, I'm all for it. Hunter is ranked in the top 20 among fantasy outfielders on the Player Rater, and he remains on pace for 24 home runs, 14 stolen bases and a solid .292 batting average.

In most leagues, fantasy owners don't care which of the three outfield spots a player mans, but there are practical reasons for Hunter, arguably the top defensive center fielder of the era, to move. Center field is more demanding than a corner outfield spot, and Hunter, now 35, has dealt with injury problems in the past. Plus, he has been slumping. He admitted to reporters stunned to see him playing right field this week for the first time since 1999 that it takes him longer to recover from games than it used to. Angels corner outfielders Juan Rivera and Bobby Abreu are defensive liabilities, which has led to the organization promoting speedy center fielder Peter Bourjos, and fantasy owners should be interested.