The Jets can replace Darrelle Revis

Rex Ryan's defense is built to work with other talented cornerbacks

Updated: August 11, 2010, 3:00 PM ET
By KC Joyner | ESPN Insider

There are a lot of words one can use to describe Rex Ryan. Intense. Intelligent. Focused. Aggressive. Brash. All of these adjectives are accurate depictions of the man to varying degrees.

One word that can never be used in conjunction with Ryan is disingenuous. He is hard-wired to say exactly what he thinks. It explains why he would make some of the statements he has made over the course of his Jets head coaching tenure.

The willingness of Ryan to shoot from the hip makes me wonder why it is that so few people believe him when he says the Jets will have the best defense in the league even if Darrelle Revis does not play for New York in 2010.