Official complaints

Updated: February 16, 2011, 4:15 PM ET
By Ryan McGee

Welcome back to Three Downs & Punt, your Monday guide to all the college football stuff you might have missed during the weekend.

Before we get started, a quick shout-out to all the Michigan fans who filled my e-mail inbox with "You are a moron for writing on Friday that we would lose to Connecticut" messages. Yes, Big Blue, you were right and I was wrong. And the new digs look great. When I was there for the Notre Dame game three years ago, I accused your athletic director of stealing the press box from Vanderbilt.

Now, everyone go "Oooooooh" as I kick off this week's edition.

First down: The zebra report

The complaint department

After the botched "No, it's not really a touchdown, but the signal sure looked like it!" event that closed out the first half of Thursday night's USC-Hawaii game, I received a few questions from readers of last week's first edition of the zebra report asking about the process that coaches use to file complaints about officiating.

Here goes ...