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Two touted defensive ends gain ground in Miami-Ohio State showdown

Updated: September 16, 2010, 11:54 AM ET
By Mel Kiper | ESPN.com

One thing people get a little too caught up in early in the season is statistical performance. It's a natural tendency, but the problem is the body of work -- and very often, the level of competition -- doesn't provide enough of a snapshot to make significant moves. Do we drop Ryan Williams significantly because Boise State bottles him up? Well, the Broncos had the offseason to prepare. Still, there are changes. As we move into conference play opponent familiarity, better competition and the need to make changes quickly will show us a lot about how players adjust to and execute preparations. From there, you'll see more movement at the top.

And in regards to performance, remember again that this list is built upon how good these players will be at the NFL level -- it's about potential and how scouts and evaluators will grade, not just what the numbers will show.

As always, an asterisk denotes either a junior or draft-eligible sophomore, typically a redshirt.

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Analysis: Has all the physical tools -- size, arm, even speed and improving footwork. Showing improved accuracy. Last week: No. 1

Analysis: Great arm, NFL smarts, solid footwork. Prototypical size and intangibles. Checks down with a veteran's savvy. Better competition awaits. Last week: No. 2

Analysis: Quinn is a freakish athlete. He's still developing consistency and is young for his class. Still facing NCAA eligibility issues. Last week: No. 3


Analysis: The profile of a No. 1 receiver at NFL level. Great size-speed combination; instinctive, great hands. Facing NCAA hiccups, but he will be back. Last week: No. 4

Analysis: Most consistent, complete defensive end on the board. Solid pass-rusher, steady against run. Fits as a 3-4 or 4-3 end and simply batters linemen. Last week: No. 5