Mr. September, Troy Tulowitzki

Updated: September 18, 2010, 12:48 PM ET
By Buster Olney

A longtime talent evaluator mused about Troy Tulowitzki late on Friday afternoon. "To me, he's the standard right now, for all shortstops," the evaluator said.

"There's nobody better defensively; he should win the Gold Glove. When he gets locked in at the plate, he's just so dangerous because of his power."

Said another scout: "It's like the Rockies have Ray Lewis playing shortstop. He's that kind of player, and leader."

Once Tulowitzki got hot, the Rockies started gaining ground in the NL West, and on Friday, he mashed yet another September home run in his first at-bat (his 12th in 16 games this month). A camera panned the Colorado dugout and caught Huston Street grinning the biggest can-you-believe-this-guy grin.

He did it again.

There is a great picture of Tulowitzki's home run swing accompanying Troy Renck's game story.

"He wants that pressure," said the talent evaluator. "He wants to be the guy who comes up with runners on base and the game on the line. There are lot of players who say they want that, but they really don't. But he wants that."

I mentioned that Tulowitzki seems to get into trouble sometimes because he's trying too hard, which is why he has been prone to early-season slumps.

"Yes," said the evaluator. "He fights himself sometimes. But when he gets on a roll, like he is right now, there is no better overall player in the majors."

Joe Mauer would be in that conversation, of course. Albert Pujols, perhaps. Joey Votto -- whose defense is underrated -- is another. Carlos Gonzalez, Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton and Evan Longoria, too.

The list of position players who can lift a team the way Tulowitzki has lifted the Rockies this month is very, very short.