Sneaky pickup for Week 3

Updated: September 24, 2010, 12:36 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

I realize some of you play in fantasy leagues so deep that you need to know about each and every starting quarterback, and this week a few new names dot the schedule. Personally, I don't think there's going to be much fantasy value for the Carolina Panthers' Jimmy Clausen, the Buffalo Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick or the Oakland Raiders' Bruce Gradkowski, but the one name among backup quarterbacks I'm keeping an eye on, other than the Philadelphia Eagles' Kevin Kolb, is Seattle Seahawks reserve Charlie Whitehurst.

I'm not rooting for something negative to befall starter Matt Hasselbeck, but the momentum from the Seahawks' startling Week 1 win over the San Francisco 49ers was certainly blunted this past week with the drubbing in Denver. Hasselbeck's final fantasy line was a bit deceiving; sure, we love the passing yards and the pair of touchdowns, including one he accomplished with his feet, but when I watch the 34-year-old play, I can certainly see why the Whitehurst era could start at any point. Health is probably the first issue, especially when Hasselbeck is trying to run for touchdowns, and performance is next. And this is a quarterback who has lost five of his past six starts, tossing 14 interceptions in that span.

To answer your next point: No, we do not know whether Whitehurst, a former San Diego Chargers backup who hasn't thrown a pass in a regular season, can play. He's like Kolb to some degree. The team has clearly invested in him, moving a decent draft pick in the deal and spending much money on him. The difference between his situation and Kolb's is that the Seahawks don't look like playoff contenders, even in their awful division, and Hasselbeck is clearly not Michael Vick. The Seahawks have an attractive schedule this season, thanks to their awful division, and the Week 4 opponent is the St. Louis Rams. Who knows, Hasselbeck might keep this job for months, but I have a feeling Whitehurst gets a shot sooner rather than later, and fantasy owners might want to get ahead of the curve … especially if you can wait for results.