Saving a Dallas standard

Updated: February 16, 2011, 4:19 PM ET
By Ryan McGee

Welcome to the first October edition of Going Bowling, where we delve into all things under the Hyundai Sun. And in case you were wondering, as of Friday the 2010-11 bowl season is 78 days away.

Before we get started, let's pause and remember football legend George Blanda, who passed away Monday. Before he became an NFL Hall of Famer, he led the Kentucky Wildcats to their first-ever bowl game. On Dec. 6, 1947, the QB led Bear Bryant's second UK squad to a 24-14 victory over Villanova in the one and only Great Lakes Bowl, played at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Blanda didn't score a touchdown, but did kick a field goal and three PATs.

We start this week's Going Bowling with a story of another football legend, one that had to fight back from the brink of extinction.

The Cotton Bowl lives! Sort of …

"The thought of it just made me mad."

As Tom Starr says the words he might as well be speaking on behalf of college football fans throughout Dallas. On the afternoon of Jan. 2, 2010, the Cotton Bowl Classic kicked off just as it had in the 73 previous years.