Four Downs: Chris Johnson struggling

Updated: October 4, 2010, 5:50 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
While disappointing for those who selected Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson first overall, it was understandable that he had a rough Week 2 game, considering the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers were the opponent. I mean, we can't expect Johnson to run wild every week. He bounced back with 125 yards and two touchdowns against the New York Giants in Week 3, and all was well in the fantasy world. And then "Week 2" happened again.

Johnson laid another proverbial fantasy egg Sunday when he couldn't pillage the Denver Broncos for any more than 53 yards on 19 carries, ending with four fantasy points (he lost a fumble). Really, the Broncos? As a result, in odd weeks this season, the supposed best player in fantasy football is averaging 25 fantasy points. In even weeks, it's three points. I'm not one to panic or focus on the negative, or suggest a ridiculous every-other-week trend is legitimate, but I know many people are discussing this rather than LaDainian Tomlinson or Sunday's other top performances. Johnson was the first overall pick in just about every fantasy draft this season, a guy who rambled for 2,000 yards in 2009 and kept telling people how he would not only do it again, but end up near 2,500. That can't happen if you can't run all over the Broncos, and now we have to wonder if the "can't-miss pick" can miss.