Stock Watch: Concerned about Matt Forte

Updated: October 5, 2010, 2:26 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
And just that quickly, with a record-setting barrage of first-half sacks allowed and a three-point performance on Sunday night against the New York Giants, fantasy owners are down on members of the Chicago Bears. I almost said quarterback Jay Cutler did nothing in Week 4, but that wouldn't be accurate; he actually did less than that, costing his fantasy teams three points (42 passing yards, an interception, three fumbles). His wide receivers obviously didn't excel, and then there's running back Matt Forte, who, without the passing portion of his arsenal working, struggled because as a runner he hasn't done much all season.

It's amazing that the Bears have gone from undefeated to so badly defeated that fantasy owners are concerned. The thing is, Chicago's start to the season was a bit misleading not only in terms of real-life record, but for how it pertained to fantasy owners. I do like Cutler, but I admit the way he played Sunday night could become a long-term problem. Cutler held on to the ball too long in many cases, probably because his raw receiving corps was rarely open. Should we expect that to change? Johnny Knox is generally regarded as the Bears' top wide receiver in fantasy, but he still has yet to reach double digits in scoring this season. Devin Hester is erratic. Devin Aromashodu doesn't even dress for games.