Injury watch: Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai

Updated: October 21, 2010, 1:51 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Fantasy owners will not be relying on any Indianapolis Colts in Week 7; the team has its bye week. Unfortunately for the Colts, and fantasy owners, that time off might extend a little longer for a few of the team's higher-profile options, and we're not talking about their problematic punter. Tight end Dallas Clark is out indefinitely with a hand/wrist injury, and that word "indefinitely" scares me. If it were "day to day" or "week to week," the Colts would have noted that. As it is, though, this sounds like a harbinger of doom. Meanwhile, running back Joseph Addai has a shoulder problem, and his absence, also significant, certainly would affect the Colts and fantasy owners, as well.

Regarding Clark, the full extent of his injury should become clearer later today; at this point, the team either doesn't know or isn't sharing. As ESPN.com AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky wrote, the loss of Clark would be felt across the passing game, affecting Peyton Manning and others. Clark was the top tight end in ESPN average live drafts, a solid fourth-round pick living up to his value. He's ranked fifth at the position in standard scoring.