The BCS-busting crew

Updated: February 16, 2011, 4:23 PM ET
By Ryan McGee

Before we go Three Downs & a Punt, a quick "What up?" to reader Janine Jansen of San Antonio who wrote: "You are such a moron to keep calling Tennessee 'UT'. There is only one UT and it is here in by-god Texas not wherever Tennessee is!"

Whatever you say, Janine. But then I guess that means I have to send my class ring back.

First Down: Bakers Dozen of BCS Busters

Have you seen the trailer for the new Denzel Washington flick Unstoppable? Well, that's what we might have headed our way over the next six weeks in college football.

A big ole pack of angry one- and two-loss teams who are likely already out of contention for the BCS championship and in some cases out of contention for their own conference title. However, because of a perfect storm of scheduling, history and computer madness, there are still several key teams that have the ability to blow up the BCS standings like a train with no brakes.

Some are obvious. Others are in stealth mode, ready to potentially pop up and do their damage at the most unexpected moment. Who are the leading candidates? Glad you asked.

Georgia Bulldogs
Overall: 4-3
Conference: 3-3
Key Games: Nov. 13 at Auburn, Dec.4 SEC Championship Game?
BCS Bustability (1 to 10): 9

The Dawgs are finally playing like everyone expected them to when the season started, winning three straight SEC East games while posting 40-plus points per week. If they can get by reeling Florida this weekend, the trip down to Auburn could be epic. Georgia finally has its aerial game going, and that's the one glaring weakness they have down on the Plains. (Don't believe me? Read the stats section a little further down in the blog.) Yes, Georgia could still get to the conference title game, a home game in Atlanta, and knock off Auburn or Alabama or whoever. But only if they get help from ...

Arkansas Razorbacks