Pac-10 is Washington's to lose

Walk-ons discuss conference's best team, student section and more

Originally Published: October 29, 2010
By Mark Titus | Special to ESPN Insider

The Pac-10 is rich with college basketball tradition, as it lays claim to the most storied college basketball program in history with UCLA and the most storied combination of giant afro and knee/elbow pads since the '70s with Arizona's Eugene Edgerson. However, if most of the experts are to be taken seriously, the Pac-10 figures to be the worst of all the BCS conferences this basketball season after getting only two teams into the NCAA tournament last season. But even though the conference as a whole isn't all that deep, the walk-ons of the Pac-10 think there are still a handful of good teams, good players and good-looking girls in the conference.

Best team: Washington Huskies