NCAA did Enes Kanter 'a favor'

Updated: November 19, 2010, 12:38 PM ET
By Chad Ford

This week we broke down some of the top freshmen in the country in our first NBA Draft Stock Watch of the college basketball season.

But there were a lot more than freshmen plying their wares last week -- though one big first-year's story leads the way. Here's a quick look around the world based on notes I've collected from NBA scouts.

  • Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter was ruled ineligible by the NCAA this season. Kanter is appealing the ruling, but no one in the NBA thinks he'll be wearing a Wildcats uniform this season.

    So what happens next for Kanter? He has several options. He can return to Europe and make some money or he could go to the D-League and get more exposure to NBA scouts.

    But either way, NBA GMs and scouts I spoke with uniformly feel like Kanter's draft stock won't be hurt by this turn of events. In fact, one prominent GM thinks the NCAA did him a favor.