Ranks reaction: Matt Cassel underrated

Updated: December 1, 2010, 9:15 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Dwayne Bowe has become an absolute fantasy monster. Not just a wide receiver to rely on, but the best fantasy receiver in the game. He basically has turned into Andre Johnson in terms of consistent, high-end production. This is not breaking news, of course; he has been a beast since Week 6. But how come every week we seem to rank Matt Schaub pretty well at quarterback, thanks in large part to Johnson's presence, while Bowe's quarterback, Matt Cassel, lumbers down at the bottom with Carson Palmer, the rookies and whatever the Cleveland Browns toss out there?

I thought about that as I was ranking players for Week 13, and while I realize Cassel was pretty worthless from a fantasy perspective the first month or so, he has been putting up big-time numbers of late, and the fun should only continue down the stretch thanks to a favorable schedule. This week, the Chiefs face the Denver Broncos. I don't know whether you've seen the Broncos lately, but they can't defend. That's good for Kyle Orton and Brandon Lloyd, who are constantly playing catch-up, and it's doubly good for opposing offenses. I ranked Cassel No. 10 among quarterbacks this week, as did a few of my colleagues, because this week or any week, you shouldn't make fantasy decisions based just on name value.