Here's hoping Kerry Collins can play

Updated: December 2, 2010, 1:53 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
It's almost sad that those owning Tennessee Titans fantasy options are following the news extra closely this week to see if 37-year-old quarterback Kerry Collins will be well enough to start, but such is the conundrum for those relying on Chris Johnson, Randy Moss and others. Really? Kerry Collins? Hey, the Titans didn't even score last week, and against a by-all-accounts awful Houston Texans defense. This week the Titans face another oft-forgiving defensive unit when they play the Jacksonville Jaguars. Will Kerry save the day?

OK, so I'm only kind of serious in that last part, but clearly rookie Rusty Smith didn't look ready for prime or any other time in the Titans' 20-0 loss in Week 12. The Titans are optimistic that the calf injury that has sidelined Collins since Week 10 is healed enough and that the wily veteran can play. Remember, this wouldn't be an issue if Vince Young was healthy (and could control his emotions). It's Collins or Smith, and we've seen the Titans with Smith. (Yuck!) So what would these Titans look like from a fantasy perspective with Collins back at the helm?