BCS system continues to be full of inequities

A playoff system is the obvious solution to all the BCS inequities. Good luck finding a fan who is not in favor of the idea. The best format is up for debate, but if an NCAA selection committee could select and seed 16 teams for a direct-elimination tournament, the result would be a return to fair competition -- and a spate of meaningful college football games. Sure, there would be controversy, but college football is far too significant to be limited by the current farcical BCS system.

Updated: January 25, 2011, 11:30 AM ET
By Melissa Jacobs

As a predominately NFL writer, I often think about the inequities the league seems to throw at us left and right. This season alone we've had the "Calvin Johnson Catch," two of the farthest west teams being forced to travel to London midseason, and a way too loose interpretation of the new helmet-to-helmet contact rules. Fans often call it the No Fun League and claim it's all about business.

But the NFL has nothing on the BCS, an acronym that elicits far worse substitutes. Sunday, ...

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