For Heisman, it's all Cam Newton

Heisman Predictor closes out 2010 the only way it can: Auburn QB should win

Originally Published: December 6, 2010
By Ryan McCrystal | Special to ESPN Insider

The Heisman Predictor debuted on ESPN.com in 2008 and was promptly greeted with two of the most hotly contested races in recent memory. In the Predictor's third year, the college football gods decided to go easy on us.

Cameron Newton made his first appearance in the Heisman Predictor after five weeks (the first four weeks belonged mostly to Denard Robinson), took over first place the next week -- and never looked back. In fact, he opened up a lead so large that even with a loss to South Carolina on Saturday, he likely still would have finished atop the Predictor standings.

When applied to past years, the Predictor formula correctly predicted six of the past seven winners. And during that span no one has ever posted a score as high as Newton's 171.5. The previous best was Sam Bradford's 157 in 2008, followed by Reggie Bush's 140 in 2005.