Don't overrate weather in your decisions

Updated: December 10, 2010, 5:43 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

It's mighty cold here in the Northeast part of the United States, so when I wish everyone in advance a happy, healthy weekend, allow me to throw in the part about keeping warm as well. Plenty of NFL players are going to be cold Sunday as well, as this appears to be the first weekend of the 2010 campaign that weather will play a significant role. You know the normal NFL places where weather takes its toll: This week, the places to watch are Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh and northern New Jersey, where the New York Jets host a game.

In general, and I realize I'm the most conservative of the ESPN fantasy football writers, I don't give much thought to whether Tom Brady will be tossing his 30 passes in nice weather or in freezing temperatures with the chance of precipitation. To me, the best players remain the best players, and if I'm going to lose in the fantasy playoffs, it will not be with David Garrard active and Brady on my bench. If choosing between No. 3/4 wide receivers like Lee Evans and Robert Meachem, the one playing in the domed stadium would obviously get the nod ... but Brady versus Eli Manning, the latter matching up with a non-playoff squad on a carpet indoors, no, it still doesn't sway me.