Duke was exposed by Florida State

Updated: January 15, 2011, 1:33 PM ET
By Doug Gottlieb

Stuck in Lubbock

Wednesday I was forced, due to weather, to spend an entire day in Lubbock, Texas, as my flight to Bristol, Conn., (via Hartford) was cancelled and so my airline rebooked me for Thursday morning. Stuck in my hotel room with my laptop and a great big flat screen in my hotel room (I highly recommend the brand-newish Overton Hotel), I watched a lot of ball by day on my Synergy program and by night on the family of networks. With no games to call, no radio show to do, no kids to put down for the night, no wife to negotiate "Modern Family" to the bedroom TV so that the man cave can be hoops central, I was left with peace, clarity and a much needed break in midseason. Here are some questions I have received in my inbox (douggottlieb@espnradio.com) or Twitter account (@gottlieb show) and my answers to those quandaries.

Q: What went wrong with Duke against Florida State?