Updated: January 29, 2011, 3:56 PM ET
By Buster Olney

Even before Jay Cutler walked off the field Sunday, even before he or any doctor had a chance to explain the condition of his knee, even before a single MRI was taken, his reputation within Chicago had taken a beating because of Twitter. Other players, watching on television, had punched out 140-character assassinations.

Which got me to thinking: Twitter will never have an opportunity to engage its greatest user. The world has missed out on the greatest match of any man and technology ...

George Steinbrenner on Twitter.

It would have been ground-breaking.

If the Yankees' principal owner -- a man whose impetuosity had no limits other than the rigid, once-daily news cycle of newspapers -- had maintained access to Twitter, we would have witnessed the most breathless, the most thoughtless minute-to-minute exhortations in the history of man.


Just bought the Yankees. This is the last you'll hear from me. Best owners are absent owners.

For the record, I'm against free agency. It will ruin the game. Also, we just signed Catfish Hunter. Good man.

BILLY IS BACK!! Nobody knows more about baseball than Billy. Born leader.

Just talked to Billy about that one's-a-born-liar, the-other's-convicted quote. I assured him he never said it.

You heard it from me -- Billy just resigned. Anybody who says I had anything to do with it is a complete liar.

Forget what you've read. I never called a manager in the dugout to dictate who should play or to say that he'd made a mistake.

Bowie Kuhn has rejected Vida Blue acquisition. What a bozo.


How about that joke of a performance. Ken Clay spat the bit. He's a morning glory.

Billy is hired. He'll be taking over the club in two years. Not sure what Lemon's next role will be, but he'll love it.

BUCKY DENT!!!!!!! To the Red Sox fan who threw that slice of pizza at me in the second inning: Have a nice cold winter!!!!!

Dumb decision by MacPhail re: Brett's pine tar bat. I would not want to be him living in NYC. He better start house-hunting close to KC.

Don't mean to brag, but it has been a really, really, really, really bad night for marshmallow salesmen. More later.

To all Yankees: Sorry for that embarrassing performance against the Dodgers. There will be changes.

Misquoted again re: Yogi. I am often misquoted. I am supportive of my managers, even though they all may not think so.

I'm really 95 percent Mr. Rogers, and only 5 percent Oscar the Grouch.

Mr. October, my A##! How about a clean single with a runner at third in April??????????

Dave Winfield is Mr. May, as far as I'm concerned. I long for the days of Mr. October.

Doyle Alexander stinks. I'm afraid some of my players will get hurt playing behind him.

The team just hasn't looked ready to play in this first week. Change necessary. Sorry, Yogi.

I wouldn't sell the Yankees for anything. Owning the Yankees is like owning the Mona Lisa. You don't sell it.

Mattingly's hair has gotten so long that he looks like one of the Beatles -- one of their girlfriends, I mean.

Sometimes I am unreasonable. I have to catch myself. But at least I can catch, right @DonSlaughtMachine??

@FayVincent. I accept the suspension. Doesn't mean I like you. Please go take flying leap off Thompson Memorial Chapel.

During my suspension, considering following @BanShman -- big Yanks fan.

Saw that Jeter kid at exhibition game. He looks like a winner. Except that he's from Michigan, and not Ohio. :)

Our guys just didn't look ready to play against Braves in Game 1. Shaping up to be a national embarrassment.

Just left Torre's office. Told him he has all the resources he needs, he has all support he needs. Time to win. Or else.

Congratulations to the Braves for being the second best team in baseball!!!!!

I see Paul O'Neill and I think: Warrior. But he needs to pick up his batting average.

@BrianCashmanGM just told me @RandyBigUnitJohnson was traded to Astros. If we lose World Series to Houston, it will be @BrianCashmanGM's fault.

AL President Gene Budig has fined the Yankees for alleged misdoings. I bet that guy has never worn a jock in his life.

@HidekiIrabu_Yanks is a fat "pus"-y toad.

Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser.

Every time I go out on the streets, the cab drivers here love me. They are real New Yorkers.

The first Subway Series in more than 40 years. I'm pretty sure the Mets have bugged our clubhouse.

@BrianCashmanGM. Get on a flight to Tampa now, go to complex and wait for my call. No XMAS vacation for you.

Looked like Joe's players weren't ready for Game 1 vs. Arizona.

Larry Lucchino called us The Evil Empire. All I can say is, how's the Babe Ruth trade working for you guys?

AARON BOONE!!!!!! He is A WINNER!!!!!! The third baseman of the future for the Yankees!!!!!!!

Re: loss to the Red Sox in playoffs: Nice fat fastball that @JavyVazquez threw to Damon. You will never see him wear pinstripes again.

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• A rival executive on the moves made by the Blue Jays since Aug. 2009, when they unloaded the contract of Alex Rios: "They have a chance to be a real power for years to come. They're getting a ton of talent and draft picks, and they've got a lot of [payroll] flexibility. I've been sitting here watching Alex [Anthopoulos] make one great move after another."