Roy Williams changing his ways

Updated: February 21, 2011, 12:20 PM ET
By Dave Telep, ESPN Recruiting
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1. Koenig causes Williams to tweak policy
Bronson Koenig (LaCrosse, Wisc./Aquinas), a sophomore point guard, is the reason why Roy Williams tweaked his recruiting philosophy. The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) long ago asked college coaches not to offer underclassmen until June 15 of their sophomore years. Williams, it seemed, was the only major coach in America who followed the request.

After offering 2010 prospects Reggie Bullock and Kendall Marshall, he became a follower of the NABC's request and by adhering to the NABC request, Williams had a reason to not join the rest of the pack. While others attempted to lure the prospects with early offers, Williams displayed his interest and then bought himself evaluation time by reciting his policy of sticking with the NABC code. When you are as powerful as the Tar Heels in recruiting, this tactic worked. However, Williams clearly is in the process of re-evaluating his allegiance (again, he's the only major coach who follows the request anyway) to the NABC request.