Bat regulations changing college scouting

Updated: February 22, 2011, 9:16 AM ET
By Jason A. Churchill

The first weekend of the D-1 season is complete and it couldn't have been more predictably unpredictable. Some stars showed the rust of the offseason, while others took advantage of it. Let's take a run through the notable performances from the three-day start-up, and the buzz that has followed.

The new bat

College baseball is a completely different game this season with the new bat regulations that are likely to impact the strategies, as well as how the sport is scouted at the Division I level. Gone is the trademark "ping," replaced instead by more of a "thud," as one area scout described it.

"Of course, we're going to like it," the scout added. "And not only because we won't have to hear that noise anymore."

The new bats are designed to play more like the wood bat in the pro game, offering a smaller sweet spot and not as much of what some coaches call the "trampoline effect," where the ball jumps off the bat like it was shot out of a rocket.