A wardrobe -- and self-image -- makeover

Out with the rowing unitards, in with the running skirts. Although the uniforms still fit Sarah Bowen Shea, the definition as "a rower who runs" no longer does. It's time to move on. She is a runner, pure and simple.

Updated: March 8, 2011, 6:15 PM ET
By Sarah Bowen Shea

I recently whittled down my workout wardrobe. Out went the over-stretched sports bras -- my boobs, deflated from breastfeeding three bambinos, deserve better. Bye-bye to the few remaining pairs of running shorts I had from, oh, 2004 -- I'm now a skirts- or capris-only gal. And formerly white or bright sweat-stained tops got the heave-ho. I dug deeper, unearthing a mother lode of unitards. No, not leftovers from my step-classes-at-the-Y days, but one-piece garments that are tanks on top, fitted ...

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