Adaptability could take Rams to title

Updated: March 28, 2011, 6:21 PM ET
By Peter Keating

The NCAA tournament said goodbye to one Giant Killer last Friday night, and our statistical model was ready to pack its bags and go home on Sunday, but VCU just blew up our spreadsheets.

Before we get to the details, remember to vote for the 2011 All-Giant Killers team. You can nominate any athlete who played for a potential or actual Killer in this year's tournament; cast your ballots in the comments or via the GK Mailbag.

And now, let's give props to the David who has slain Goliaths like no other underdog before, beating five favored teams as an 11-seed, the Virginia Commonwealth Rams.

Given its regular-season statistics, we estimate the odds of VCU getting this far were a staggering 3,058 to 1. And that raises the question: Should we be evaluating the Rams as a qualitatively different team than the one that entered March Madness?