Kyle Anderson keeping it brief

Updated: April 30, 2011, 7:56 PM ET
By Dave Telep, ESPN Recruiting
Kyle Anderson (Paterson, N.J./St. Anthony) might not like the new legislation, if its approved. The new rules would allow unlimited contact between schools and recruits past a certain date.

"Seton Hall does the best job at recruiting me," Anderson said. "It's short phone calls and (timely) when they come see me. Them and Georgetown do a great job. I speak to Coach [John] Thompson for three minutes and that's it. Little things like that make it better."

UCLA, Florida, St. John's, Arizona and Xavier are also coming strong for Anderson. After reading this, they'd be wise to save minutes on their cell plans and more importantly, Anderson's time on the phone. However, we're particularly interested in seeing how schools handle him because of his unique abilities as a passer with size and vision. Would he pick a place that has an established point guard?