Stat splits: Quentin raking ... on the road?

Updated: May 12, 2011, 1:34 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
I'm not the type of fantasy owner that moves hitters in and out of daily lineups depending on where the games are played. For example, if I own Chicago White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin, I'm generally leaving him active all the time and hoping for the best. Then again, by looking at home/road splits, we can sometimes gain an advantage by ascertaining key information about where a player might be more effective. It's a bit early in the season to rely on stat splits as gospel, but I've run across many split differentials that are quite interesting.

Quentin's home/road splits certainly fit that label. Most would assume he'd be raking in his home games at hitter-friendly U.S. Cellular Field; after all, he is the major league leader in extra-base hits. In this case, however, Quentin actually has the largest discrepancy in road versus home OPS in baseball. That's right, he's raking on the road, with a cool 1.168 OPS, while at home he has been well below average (.586 OPS). This doesn't mean Quentin should be benched in home games, of course. On the contrary, I'd argue he will start hitting at home, while leveling off on the road. But ultimately, this suggests to me that his terrific start isn't a fluke. This is a proven slugger with some odd splits, but this information actually makes me trust him a bit more. He's going to hit at home.