Trading Green could be Caps' best option

Updated: May 18, 2011, 6:07 PM ET
By Craig Button

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The offseason begins the moment a team is eliminated, and for the Washington Capitals, that moment came much too soon. Alex Ovechkin's disappointment was deep, and he looked into changing his offseason training program as a means of ensuring a better playoff result next year. I don't think Alex needs to make drastic changes to his training program, nor do I think the Caps have to make drastic changes to their roster. What they do need to do is clearly assess their team and make changes that will get them on the path to winning the Stanley Cup.

There are always plenty of trade ideas being thrown around, but I want to focus on ones that address needs and also involve a likely trading partner, all while keeping an eye on salary cap dynamics. With these parameters in place, here are a few trade possibilities for the Caps: