Keep your Aaron Hill expectations in check

Updated: May 18, 2011, 6:11 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
In a way it's ironic that I went out on a limb ranking one member of the Toronto Blue Jays (ahem, Jose Bautista) as fantasy's best player, but I look at other members of the lone Canadian major league squad and see I clearly wasn't as high on many of them as my colleagues were. I'm talking about the ESPN Fantasy mid-May rankings, posted Wednesday, and after staring at them for awhile I realized, "Wow, there's a difference of opinion among the group -- me especially -- on a few of their players."

I think the poster boy for this value judgment might be second baseman Aaron Hill. I've seen him play quite a bit this season, and I just don't see what there is to like. Hill hasn't homered yet, and it doesn't seem like he's flirting with warning-track fly balls, either, if you catch my drift. He has garnered value by stealing six bases in as many attempts, but I doubt this is a foray into the stolen base leaders at 29 years old. Hill is just not the same player that wowed us with 36 home runs in 2009. He also hit .286 that season. Since then he has hit .209 with a .272 on-base percentage over more than 600 at-bats.