Kyrie Irving not a lock at No. 1

Updated: May 23, 2011, 2:46 PM ET
By Chad Ford

CHICAGO -- The 2011 NBA draft combine kept going over the weekend with drills, measurements, athletic testing and team interviews on Friday, followed by medical examinations on Saturday and Sunday.

With virtually every GM and head coach and scouting staff in attendance, the event was a perfect opportunity to talk to teams, interview players and get a sense of how they stacked up against one another.

While the drills they went through on the court may have been, in and of themselves, meaningless, they did offer a rare opportunity to see all of the players in the draft up close on the same floor.

On Friday, ESPN had exclusive access to the gym for the eight hours of the combine and I was in the hotel lobby talking to teams, players and agents for most of the afternoon and evening.

Based on the information I gathered, here's some quick hits on what I'm hearing about a number of top prospects in the draft. You can also check out our updated Top 100 to get a feel for where players now stand after the pre-draft combine.

• Is Kyrie Irving a lock for the No. 1 pick? No, but it's close. All the hand wringing about Irving not participating in the combine is much ado about nothing. It will have zero bearing on the Cavs' decision. Irving is planning to do just one workout and it's with the Cavs. While Cleveland has yet to commit to Irving with their No. 1 pick and will bring in a number of prospects, sources close to the Cavs say that it's very likely they'll select Irving. Not only are they enamored with him as a player, but they also feel he's the type of player who Cavs fans can get behind in Cleveland. "He's a really great kid," one Cavs source said. "He'll get out into the community and I think he can help us rebuild our relationship with the fans. The only way I see us not taking him is if there's a problem with the medical."