Future fantasy value of Cubs offense

Updated: June 1, 2011, 2:38 PM ET
By Eric Karabell

The Chicago Cubs continue to score runs at a middle-of-the-pack rate, though when one looks at the lineup and the statistics the individuals are providing, it's tough to get too excited. The Cubs' top three hitters in batting average have a combined three home runs, split evenly. The top power hitter is on the disabled list, and the team's catchers are hitting .218. It's possible the most popular Cub in the past 48 hours is unknown outfield prospect Tony Campana, due to his four stolen bases in one game over the weekend. Are there any Cubs hitters to buy low on?

Even the long-awaited return to the majors for sophomore outfielder Tyler Colvin hasn't made me run to my league's waiver wire, despite the fact he hit 20 home runs in 358 at-bats last season. Colvin was being blocked in the majors by some unfortunate combination of Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Pena, Kosuke Fukudome and perhaps Andre Dawson -- it's tough to tell these days who else will be undeservingly given at-bats over him -- and even now there are rumors powerless infielder Blake DeWitt will see the left field at-bats. I'd let Colvin play and let's see what happens, hope he develops into more than a slugger-or-nothing type, but power is power.

Look at the current Cubs lineup and I keep hearing/reading some of the names mentioned as buy low options, but are they really? Let's go around the diamond.