Buster Posey injury stirs anger

Updated: June 3, 2011, 10:41 AM ET
By Buster Olney

It's very rare that a highly ranked executive of one team criticizes a player on another team, but Giants general manager Brian Sabean did not hold back when discussing Scott Cousins, the outfielder who ran over and injured Giants catcher Buster Posey last week.

Cousins' agent, Matt Sosnick, responded. From Henry Schulman's story:

"What Cousins did was not malicious," Sosnick said. "A statement that anyone makes implying that he did something on purpose to be hurtful or malicious to Posey is untrue. Those people are misinformed. You can't determine on a replay if there was a sliding lane for him to get into. It's impossible."

Sosnick said no player ever tried harder than Cousins to reach out to a player he injured.

The agent, who also represents Freddy Sanchez, said the hit was not illegal and the right thing to do in a close game. If the same situation arose, Sosnick said, "I would hope he'd make the same play, and he would hope that nothing would happen to Posey at all.

"I'd say Brian's opinion is in the vast minority in baseball. I can understand the disappointment that Posey is out. I'm disappointed. My family is disappointed and I don't even represent him. I can just tell you that if you know Scott Cousins, you know it was certainly not intentional."

In spending two days around the Giants earlier this week, it was evident that the anger over the Posey play was still deeply felt, and lasting, and while manager Bruce Bochy held a team meeting to encourage his players to turn the page, my guess is there will be a season-long hangover -- because of how important Posey was to the team, because of what they witnessed in the trainers' room on the night of Posey's injury, and because Sabean and others believe it was a needless play.