High-impact transfers to watch

Updated: June 16, 2011, 2:30 PM ET
By Ryan McGee

Welcome to the first summer edition of Three Downs and Punt, where we're contemplating investing in some of those Nick Saban-style straw Panama Jack hats to keep the sweat from dripping down into the keyboard. Before we get started, a comment from reader Tremont G. in Altamonte Park, Fla., who wrote to me via e-mail:

"I have to confess, when I read your post-Tressel column about Ohio State fans ultimately paying the price I laughed and thought it was a stupid theory. Then I went to the store that night and had two different dudes scream 'Cheater!' when they saw the "Block O" license plate on the front of my SUV. Damn, is it going to be like that forever?"

Maybe not forever, Tre, but it isn't going away any time soon.

To the plays!

First down: Transfers of power

Back in February, as we were all still sifting through the chaos of national signing day and waiting on Jadeveon Clowney to make up his mind, my man Bruce Feldman cast the spotlight on an oft-forgotten aspect of college newcomers, listing his top eight junior college transfers.

But during these wild times of redshirts, gray shirts, early graduates and NCAA scandals, the impact of straight-up FBS-to-FBS school transfers seems to increase with each passing season. So who should we be looking for to instantly upgrade their new team's roster? Here are eight to contemplate over the summer.