Mitch McGary dominating NBAPA camp

Updated: June 17, 2011, 12:37 PM ET
By Dave Telep, ESPN Recruiting
Here are some observations from the NBA Top 100 camp.

McGary takes over
For my money, the best 5-minute run of any player at camp belonged to Mitch McGary (Wolfeboro, N.H./Brewster). His camp team, masterfully coached our own Paul Biancardi, came back from the dead to win a game at the buzzer. In the second half, there was a stretch when McGary was in beast mode.

The lefty is a man in the lane and the other guys know it. He's a feared competitor who owns touch and has a passion for punking people at the rim. You play in rotations at camp but McGary begged to get double-shifted by his coaches. You want this guy on your team.